Food Fight Slots

Yes, we know - that isn't the sort of thing most people do, is it? But here we have a slot game based on that very idea, and as you might expect, it offers lots of delightful food to look at. Mind you, this doesn't make it a great game to try if you are feeling hungry, so sort out some snacks before you begin.

Let's see whether Food Fight is a delight or a big fail in this area. Since RTG is the creator of this one, we think we might guess at the answer… and it's a positive one.

Format for reels and win lines

The game presents us with five reels, three rows of icons, and nine paylines in all.

Coin values in use

If you want to bet a cent per line, that makes a nine-cent total bet, which is very affordable. The other end of the scale sees a dollar bet on each line.

Are there special icons to look for in the Food Fight slot?

There is no wild in the Food Fight game, which is a shame. So, does that mean there is no scatter either? No - there is one of those here, and it looks like the assorted sections of an ice cream in a wafer cone. Rather than winning a scatter prize as you normally would, you need to find all the components of the ice cream and cone - including the cherry on top - to win a scatter prize.

Does this game have a bonus round?

Yes, and it works in much the same way the scatter prize trigger does. If you manage to get the pie dish, the pie itself, and the cherry to finish it off, you will win the bonus. This is fun, because you get to decide who to throw the pie at! This is where the real food fight begins. Click the pie you made and throw it. If you hit your target, you win. If you miss, the round ends and you go back to the main game. However, before that happens, you could win up to 3,960 coins.

Download and play the Food Fight slot game today

This is a completely different game, as you will see. The absence of a wild is soon forgotten, and the scatter prize and bonus being different to normal makes it more fun as well. Try some pie throwing today!