IRIS 3000 Slots

IRIS 3000 doesn't provide us with a lot of clues to the theme in use here. Could we guess at the year 3000, or maybe something to do with eyes?

It turns out IRIS stands for Interactive Real Intelligence Slot, so we are being taken into the future. That much looks true when you see the game and its appearance, too. It has a futuristic appearance about it that is very different to many other games.

Format for reels and win lines

This is very unusual, because there is one payline to bet on. You might suppose that means you get three reels, but no - there could be as many as seven!

Coin values in use

The coin value used in IRIS 3000 is worth 50 cents. You need to buy several coins to begin, which start at $5 a time (i.e. 10 goes). You can try up to three coins per spin.

Are there special icons to look for in the IRIS 3000 slot?

Before you begin, you are asked to choose five out of the seven reels (or doors, as they appear here). There are bar symbols, yellow hazard signs, green hazard signs, and other similar warning elements. You must get five yellow hazard signs on the reels to win. The prize for one coin is 300 coins in return, and two would win you 600 coins. If you wagered three and chose the five reels correctly to show five yellow warning signs, you would scoop 1,000 coins.

Does this game have a bonus round?

No, the game works on getting the five-symbol combos as shown in the paytable. You need to get any five bar or any five hazard icons to secure one of the two lowest prizes in that table.

Download and play the IRIS 3000 slot game today

IRIS 3000 is certainly different, but it won't appeal to everyone. There are some neat features here, notably the fact you get to choose which five reels to spin. That means two reels (or doors) will be closed with each spin. So, will you choose the right ones? You will never know, but that is half the reason why this slot is so unusual. If you are able to choose correctly, the best you can hope for is 1,000 coins. For a 50-cent minimum bet per coin, it means betting $1.50 to be in with a shot.