Mermaid Royale Slots

Mermaid Royale is a beautifully made slot. The graphics are intricate, animated and fun to look at. The soothing music gives players a nice soundtrack to accompany their spins. But looks aren't everything for slots. Let's see how this one plays…


This is a standard 5-reel, 3-row slot with 25 paylines. Bet sizes range from $0.25 to $125.00 so players have a wide range to play with.


Mermaid Royale features a wide array of symbols players need to know. First off, the premiums-

  • The red mermaid is the top symbol. If you see 5 of her you're swimming pretty!
  • The green mermaid is the second premium.
  • Blue mermaid is third.
  • Purple mermaid is fourth.

The non-premiums are as followed:

  • Red ruby
  • Green ruby
  • Blue ruby
  • Purple ruby


Mermaid Royale has numerous special and bonus features that can certainly make a splash in player's balances. First off is the BONUS ROW located at the top of the main slot. Possible symbols in this row are Wilds, Treasure Chest Scatters, Special Scatters, and blanks. When a WILD appears in the Bonus Row, it expands to the reel below on and converts all positions on that reel to Wilds. Three TREASURE CHEST SCATTERS (or combination of Chest and Wilds) in the Bonus Row triggers 3 re-Spins with an Oversized symbol held on reels 2, 3, and 4. Three REGULAR or SPECIAL SCATTERS in the Bonus Row (or in the main slot) trigger free games. First example, three Regular Scatters equal 9 free spins. A RETRIGGER can be spun into during free games giving players 1 free spin.

Another great feature of this slot is its RANDOM BOOSTER. This is activated when one or more SPECIAL SCATTERS appear during the Free Games triggering spin. The boosters are:

  • Full stack of WILDS in Reel 5
  • x2 multiplier
  • Double the chance of Wilds appearing in the Oversized symbols reel


The free games of Mermaid Royale give players a chance at some huge wins. During these spins, an OVERSIZED SYMBOL is held on reels 2, 3 and 4 while reels 1 and 5 spin. Oversized symbols are great features that have the ability to pay out big wins.


That is the question…. and the answer is a resounding YES. The Free Spins with Oversized symbols and a chance at the Random Booster are features that are simply too good to pass up. Players won't spin into them often, but when they do they could lead to massive wins. The next time players sit down to spin, I highly recommend they give Mermaid Royale a chance. Who knows? You could be swimming into big wins!