Super 6 Slot Game

There is a reason why Real Time Gaming chose the title Super 6 in this slot game. They have incorporated just that number of reels into the game, and as such it is something a little more unusual compared to the more familiar games you may already have played.

This 'all ways pays' slot has plenty of appealing features, as you're about to find out - and the Oriental theme is just the beginning.

What combination of reels and paylines should you expect?

Wow - you will really be impressed by the number of paylines on offer here - a full 729 ways to win are available! You will find an unusual number of reels as well - six of them, hence the title.

How many coins can you wager?

The smallest coin wager on the game is three cents, since you don't pick a coin value per payline here. The top bet is $30, so this should appeal to pretty much every slot player across the board.

Does Super 6 have special symbols in play?

It does, and the scatter actually appears in six versions. This is because it consists of the five letters S, U, P, E and R, and the number 6. You only need four to trigger the bonus round. We'll go into that in just a moment.

You can also catch some wild coins on the reels. These can appear on any reel except for the two outer ones, the first and sixth reels. If you manage to get one to form a winning combination, you'll enjoy a massive 5x multiplier, not to mention getting another wild on the screen as a bonus.

Can you look to unlock a bonus round?

Yes, and this is triggered in the form of free games. If you get four, five or six scatters, you will win 8, 12 or 25 free games.

Download and play Super 6 slots today!

We rather liked this game, not only because of the extra reel but because of the multiple scatter symbols that can appear. The hefty wild multiplier also makes a refreshing change from the usual 2x multiplier you would normally see. All in all, you can expect an impressive number of features all rolled into this pleasing game from the RTG stable. If you want great graphics, some neat features and the chance to win big prizes, this game can deliver them all.