Triple Twister Slots

Whenever you discover an RTG slots game you know you're very likely in for a good time. This is definitely the case with Triple Twister, a slots game with a colorful game screen that packs in plenty of excitement. Check out what we think of it here.

How many reels and paylines does this game use?

This game packs in an incredible 50 paylines and it has a pretty standard five reels in play too, so you've got lots of options to choose from.

How much can you bet as a minimum and a maximum?

You can wager from a cent to $5 on each individual line. You can only wager one coin on each line though. You've still got a nice range of bets to choose from though, given the fact you have 50 lines to play with.

Are there special symbols in play in Triple Twister?

Yes, and the main one is the Triple Twister wild symbol. This only ever appears on the center reel but when it does crop up it expands to fill up the entire reel. This maximizes the odds of grabbing several wins in one go.

Look out for the weather vanes as well. If you can get these - they count as scatter symbols - they can unlock some free spins for you. This is achieved with a minimum of three vanes so watch out for them.

Is there a bonus round to look for?

There isn't a bonus included with Triple Twister, but the game is still fast and furious and definitely worth a shot. The twister can expand to take over two reels if it occurs in the free spin rounds, so watch out for additional opportunities to grab prizes here.

You've also got a minor and a major progressive jackpot to try for when you play. These can vary in size depending on how long it's been since they were last triggered. Could this be a nice bonus to shoot for?

Download and play Triple Twister slots today!

Triple Twister is a great game and one that is colorful, fast and engaging too. It's pretty simple in execution when compared to some other more advanced games, but the addition of 50 paylines makes it more exciting. So if you're looking for a fast and exciting slots game, try Triple Twister today!