Pharaoh's Gold Slots

Ancient Egypt must be one of the most well-trodden parts of the world in terms of slot games. Real Time Gaming hasn't been able to resist exploring this part of history in a few of their slots, and with so many reasons to enjoy this theme, it is hardly surprising that is the case.

So, let's see whether the Pharaoh's Gold slot game is just as good as many other entries into this theme.

Format for reels and win lines

There are big games around with lots of lines and reels involved… but this is not one of them. Instead, you get three reels and three lines.

Coin values in use

Some three-reel games allow several coins to be placed on each line. However, this one allows just one on each line. You can begin by wagering a quarter per line, but the maximum allowed is $5 per line.

Are there special icons to look for in the Pharaoh's Gold slot?

Would it surprise you to find Egyptian icons in this game? Of course not, and so you can expect to see the asp on the reels, alongside the Pharaoh, and the beetle. Yes, two of the three paying icons are things you wouldn't particularly want to see in life! There are other icons seen spinning around, but none of the others lead to prizes.

While you can win prizes while betting on just one line, it is worth betting on all three. This is because the top prize, awarded for getting a whole line of Pharaohs, varies depending on where they fall. If they appear on lines one or two, you will secure 50 coins. Doesn't sound like much… but if you should get them on the third line, the progressive jackpot is yours.

You should also watch out for the eye. This acts as a substitute for other symbols and it can therefore trigger wins where you wouldn't otherwise have got them.

Does this game have a bonus round?

No, there are no free spins or bonuses here.

Download and play the Pharaoh's Gold slot game today

Are you in line for some of the Pharaoh's gold? Well, you never know what might happen if you end up playing this game. If you did win the jackpot, it could be a very tidy sum indeed. Make sure you are in line to do just that.