Sunken Treasure Slots

Going beneath the waves is something you may have done before in online slot games. There is plenty to be discovered under the sea, according to slots! Here too you have the chance to go below the surface to see if you can find any sunken treasure, as that is the theme of this game.

Created by Real Time Gaming, Sunken Treasure features a familiar design of game screen, common to many RTG games. However, that is no bad thing, as you'll know exactly where to look for the information you need.

What combination of reels and paylines should you expect?

There are five reels with 20 paylines in this game.

How many coins can you wager?

In terms of a single coin, you can choose bet amounts between a cent and five dollars. This makes the maximum all-line bet $100.

Does Sunken Treasure have special symbols in play?

Yes, the diver is your substitute in this game. They appear on reels two, three and four only, but they can stand in for everything apart from the scatter. That symbol happens to be a sunken ship. Three or more of these is something to shoot for, because that combination will unlock a special feature within the game.

Can you look to unlock a bonus round?

Yes, we mentioned this above, where three or more scatters unlock the special feature. This is called the Treasure Dive, where you can open treasure chests to reveal one of several things. This could be five free spins, or it could be a multiplier of between 2x and 10x the bet amount that triggered the special feature in the first place.

However, you might also open a chest and find a blue or red jewel there. If so, congratulations! You have unlocked the Jewel Pick extra feature. This gives you a bonus pick once the standard Treasure Dive feature is over.

The Blue Jewel pick could get you as much as 10x to 100x your triggering bet. However, the Red Jewel is the one to get, as this could be between 100x and a massive 500x your triggering bet!

Download and play Sunken Treasure slots today!

Whew! There are some major prizes that could be won while you are playing Sunken Treasure slots. Sure, you can try a free play option to see how it works, but it's only by betting for real that you'll get a chance to unlock real prizes!